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Re: quoted-pair in dcontent / Space after colon

2008-01-23 10:30:00

In <fn4mb0$s18$1(_at_)ger(_dot_)gmane(_dot_)org> "Frank Ellermann" 
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Charles Lindsey wrote on the 822 list:

Yes, I agree that #2 is a mess.

How on earth did it end up in the NetNews RFC if you agree that
it is messy ?  Cc: USEFOR, maybe that is a simple AUTH48 fix (?)

The whole of the <msg-id> syntax in USEFOR is a "mess", and we knew it was
so when we wrote it. The only reason it was put that way is that we were
trying to make the minimum alteration from RFC 2822.

But now we are writing RFC 2822bis, and there is no reason for putting
"messiness" in there. If RFC 2822bis comes out with a really clean syntax
for <msg-id> (and it has gone a long way in that direction already), then
I hope we will find some way (AUTH48 or otherwise) to fix USEFOR so as to
match <msg-id> in 2822bis exactly.

[magic SP]

And a field name-colon-space-folding-WSP-body contruct is
not a "magic SP", for NetNews a non-empty part of the body
has to exist in the first line (before the first folding) -
some header fields are better not folded at all in NetNews.

Yes my proposed wording, even if followed by implementors, will still
leave a slight difference as regards folding leaving empty header bodies,
but I think we have to live with that. My wording will still make an
improvement in interoperability in 99% of cases, and I don't think we are
going to persuade this List to go beyond that.

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