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Re: Comma-seperated lists

2008-01-25 03:34:19

Pete Resnick wrote:
were the following ever legal instantiations of <#element>?
, element ,
element, element,
, , ,

Yes.  That's the reason why 4234bis deprecates LWSP in an ABNF-
comment, it's also one of the reasons why the HTTP RFCs have
to be fixed, and it's one of the reasons why DIGEST-MD5 (2831)
will be declared to be obsolete.

My obs- lists currently don't allow them. Thoughts?

If you want to "allow" series of comma (as "obs") it's one thing,
but if you want to reintroduce LWSP in any shape or form I think
you need an IAB majority.  

What about the more interesting question of a "bare SP" within 
<quoted-string> asked on the SMT list ?  RFC 2822 demands that
SP cannot occure outside of <quoted-pair> in a <quoted-string>:

Invalid: "sp ce"@example   Valid: "sp\ ce"@example   Is that as
it should be ?  


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