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Comma-seperated [sic] lists

2008-01-27 07:07:14

On 2008-01-27, Frank Ellermann wrote:

Bruce Lilly wrote:

With optional FWS you get ASCII art.  With LWS you would
get "apparently empty lines"
No, you get a list with empty elements

LWS in 2068 ff. is [CRLF] 1*( SP | HT ), and "implied *LWS"
means zero or more LWS.  That's the same as LWSP in 4234bis:

| LWSP           =  *(WSP / CRLF WSP)

There's nothing there about commas.

A sequence of zero or more SP, HT, CRLF in any order, where
each CRLF is followed by either SP or HT.

That means "apparently empty lines"

No, the commas remain intact.

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