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Expire header for Various Mail Processes

2008-07-23 16:07:33

Jeff Macdonald wrote:
On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 08:16 -0400, Keith Moore wrote:
"MUAs, Message Stores, and MTAs, MUST NOT delete a message on the basis of an Expired header field unless given explicit instructions to do so by the recipient."

I find it very desirable to have MTAs generate a bounce if the message
is older than the Expired header.

Hell, filters exist the delete/reject mail that is POST Dated to some future date! :)

I think we can view this among the different processes:


   !  - Optional EXPIRE Date Input Field during mail creation

MSA - port 25

? - Rejection/Warning based on Validation of PUBLIC PORT mail submission

MSA - port 587

! - Rejection/Warning based on Validation of PRIVATE PORT mail submission


! - MUST never tampered with passthru mail - this will make it consistent with legal precedence.

MDA -  Optional Reject
? - Local Policy Offers user permission option
   ? - AVS System MAY offer RFC XXXX expire rules


   ? - Use to augment existing backend arching/expiration policies.

! - Add Symbolic, Iconic, Color, Notification Message display classification
   ? - Add/offer two options common MUA Server Account settings:

      [X] Delete Received Mail when Expired (RFC XXXX)
      [X] Server May Delete Unreceived Mail based on RFC XXXX expire flag

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