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Re: Intent to revive "expires" header fromdraft-ietf-mailext-new-fields-15

2008-07-28 16:01:51

"Frank Ellermann" <nobody(_at_)xyzzy(_dot_)claranet(_dot_)de> writes:

Reviving "Expires" is already a long shot, renaming it is a
waste of everybody's time.  I just checked usefor-usepro-09,
it doesn't even mention "Expires".

Of course not; usepro doesn't define header fields.  Header fields are
defined in usefor.  From draft-ietf-usefor-usefor-11.txt:

3.2.5  Expires

   The Expires header field specifies a date and time when the poster
   deems the article to be no longer relevant and could usefully be
   removed ("expired").

      NOTE: This header field is useful when the poster desires an
      unusually long or an unusually short expiry time.

   expires         =  "Expires:" SP date-time CRLF

   See the remarks under Section 3.1.1 regarding the syntax of
   <date-time> and the requirements and recommendations to which it is

      NOTE: The Expires header field is also sometimes used in Email
      with a similar meaning; see [RFC2156].

INN implements Expires in the following fashion:

       The middle field, <default>, will be used as the expiration period
       for most articles.  The other two fields, <min> and <max>, only
       come into play if the article requests a particular expiration date
       with an Expires header.  Articles with an Expires header will be
       expired at the date given in that header, subject to the
       constraints that they will be retained at least <min> days and no
       longer than <max> days.

       If <min> is set to "never", no article matching that line will ever
       be expired.  If <default> is set to "never", no article matching
       that line without an explicit Expires header will ever be expired.
       If <max> is set to "never", Expires headers will be honored no
       matter how far into the future they are.

       One should think of the fields as a lower bound, the default, and
       an upper bound.  Since most articles do not have an Expires header,
       the second field is the most important and most commonly applied.

thus leaving the question to site configuration.

Russ Allbery (rra(_at_)stanford(_dot_)edu)             

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