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Re: [ietf-822] message/partial - is it still a thing?

2019-02-21 03:27:06
On 21/02/2019 04:03, valdis(_dot_)kletnieks(_at_)vt(_dot_)edu wrote:
Does any software out there still do message/partial?  We've discovered
that both the line-mode nmh package and the exmh GUI claim support
but are in fact broken.

Is anything else out there able to do it, or is it time to heave it over the 

Personally, I suspect that it's time to throw it away. I know a lot of people block it because it can be used to bypass filtering.

On our server software it's been blocked by default for over a decade, and we've not had a single complaint that legitimate messages have been blocked because of it.


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