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Re: [ietf-822] message/partial - is it still a thing?

2019-02-21 16:16:09
Ned Freed writes:
Does any software out there still do message/partial?

We do. We support both creation and reassembly. Both are disabled by default.

I have code that supports both.  It's really intended for private
use cases where I'm dealing with slow unreliable links, so this
provides a form of "chunking" over email.

 We've discovered
that both the line-mode nmh package and the exmh GUI claim support
but are in fact broken.

Valdis, can you contact me offline with specifics?

I'm not sure the media type needs to be tossed overboard.  If you
don't generate it, it doesn't matter to you.  And if you don't deal
with it inbound, you just treat it like every other media type you
cannot handle (report and ignore it).


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