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Re: [ietf-822] message/partial - is it still a thing?

2019-02-21 11:26:22
Does any software out there still do message/partial?

We do. We support both creation and reassembly. Both are disabled by default.

 We've discovered
that both the line-mode nmh package and the exmh GUI claim support
but are in fact broken.

That's what test suites are for...

Is anything else out there able to do it, or is it time to heave it over the

It was never intended to be something that everyone does on a routine basis.
message/partial is a solution for a particular set of connectivity problems.

(Probably need to double-check 'external-body' support too, but that's a 
kettle of fish...)

Well, since every text/html part is an external-body on steroids...

And if it's time to heave it over the side, should an RFC deprecating or 
it to 'Historic' be done?

Media types don't have the same statuses as RFCs, so there's no such thing as a
"historic" media type. The most you could do is changed the intended use to
"limited" or "obsolete". I don't really object to writing an RFC that does
that, but given how often I've heard someone mention the intended use of a
media type (that would be never), I question the value.


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