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Re: [Asrg] 6. Proposals - AMTP (rev 01)

2003-10-02 00:49:55
At 10:39 PM 10/1/2003, Yakov Shafranovich wrote:
Bill Weinman wrote:
At 11:13 PM 9/28/2003, Yakov Shafranovich wrote:
Second, I would like to ask if you can clarify for us whether your proposal seeks to replace SMTP completely.
Yes, AMTP is intended as a replacement of SMTP. It is also substantially derivative of SMTP, a design decision intended to ease transition.

First of all Bill, please keep in mind that we are not out to get you here,

<heh> <heh> <heh> Honestly, if I thought you were hostile, I would not have replied.

Second, are you aware of other efforts underway to provide a protocol to replace SMTP. Especially the following:

Yes, I have seen all of those and more. I have been subscribed to the I-D announcement list for a long time.

Just because others have proposed replacements for SMTP that did not, will not, may not, or can not work, does not mean that the concept of replacing SMTP is itself fundamentally flawed.

Any solution that will ultimately work must go through a refinement process. Most proposals (including my AMTP) start out with many flaws. Then they either get refined or they die on the vine. Most die early. Many of my ideas before this one have died. I'm still refining AMTP and I'm pleased with the progress so far.

I am acutely aware of this issue and AMTP addresses it by maintaining the overall design and command set of SMTP. AMTP is substantially derivative of SMTP and as such the transition should be, not entirely trivial, but as close as possible without sacrificing its operational advantages.
I want you to reconsider this issue again.

I re-consider it every day. I have been considering and re-considering it for years. I have discussed it with Dave Crocker (just last month). He happens to disagree with me and I respect that.

It would be very useful to the group in general if we had an analysis of whether SMTP needs to be replaced in line with Dave's suggestion above.

With all due respect, I have my hands full already. I am not here to be "useful to the group". Please don't take it personally, but if I were to set that as a goal I would never get my work done.

I brought the AMTP draft to ASRG to get feedback, and I am getting that and I appreciate it. Several changes are going into the next draft based on feedback from this group. I think that's an excellent outcome.

I am aware that the IAB and IETF have a predisposition opposed replacing SMTP, and frankly I think that's a smart position for them. On the other hand, I also think it's valuable for people like me should reach out and try something bold, as I am doing. The IETF cannot do that -- they have a large and diverse constituency. I don't have that constraint.

The bold steps must, by necessity, be taken by individual mavericks. Perhaps this one will work. Perhaps it won't. We will only find out if I pursue it.

Additionally, the IAB will be considering the issue at some point and it is important to watch what they will come up with.

I will be watching then, as I am now. In the mean time I will continue my work.


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BTW, I love the quote :)

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