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Re: 8a. Evaluation Model - Scenarios (was Re: [Asrg] 0. General - E-mail use case scenarios)

2003-10-11 14:10:46
Quoting Yakov Shafranovich <research(_at_)solidmatrix(_dot_)com>:

Andrew Akehurst wrote:
I've been away thinking about the spam issue for a while and 
have a suggestion which may help to analyse the likely impact
of anti-spam proposals upon the way e-mail is currently used.

What I suggest is to come up with a set of scenarios which 
together describe all of the different ways in which e-mail
is used and can be referred to by number.
I believe that this can be a useful contribution to the
evaluation model. We need to take the requirements document
and the tech considerations documents, and make an evaluation
model based on them. Scenarios are already touched on a little
bit in the tech considerations document.

OK, I will re-read the requirements and tech considerations
documents and use them as inputs into my scenarios.

The first draft should be ready in the next couple of days.



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