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Re: forged bounces, was [Asrg] A CAPTCHA that automatically

2005-06-03 20:31:22

it doesn't require that senders remember all the mail they've sent
to know which challenges are to real mail and which to forged,

This 'remembering' in invisible and effortless as far as the sender
is concerned.

Um, smoke alert.  Maintaining a database of sent mail for even a
moderately high volume mail server is a seriously hard problem.
High-speed updates are the hardest part of a database system, and this
is a worst case scenario because the info for a message needs to be
available as soon as the message has been sent, since we can expect an
automated C/R system to fire back a challenge immediately.  The usual
way to deal with large volumes of updates is to batch them, but that
adds delays.  I suppose you could batch the database updates and delay
the outgoing mail until the batch runs, but now you have another
locking problem to know when to release the outgoing mail.

Is maintaining this database of sent mail really such a serious technical 
issue, at least as far as maintaining a reasonably functional bounce/challenge 
filter?  Is this really more of a technical challenge than a system such as 
Domain Keys?

I will not argue any further if others state that this is a serious technical 
problem.  I appeal to any other knowledgeable individuals to either support or 
negate the above position.

Thank You,
Michael Kaplan

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