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[Asrg] Re: A CAPTCHA that automatically detects and neutralizes attacks.

2005-06-11 09:58:40
der Mouse wrote:

I've heard from people who deliberately answer challenges
resulting from mail they didn't send

Yes, I solved several hundreds of the UOL puzzles, before
submitting to spamcop.  The only system allowing to report
spam directly was IIRC "mail blocks" - now a part of AOL.

Based on an SPF PASS (or whatever, but not a FAIL) I've no
problem with answering challenges about _my_ mail.  But if
it's spam I try to hurt them as badly as I can manage.

eg, a blind man I know getting a vision-based challenge

It sounds stupid, but most systems are really that FUBAR.

With one of these systems I needed sometimes ten attempts
to "confirm" the spam.  But I was patient, after all the
criminals _sell_ their "system".  It was coupled with an
MLM scheme.  "Abuse" doesn't cover it, I mean "criminal".
                             Bye, Frank

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