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Re: [Asrg] Development of an object assessment format/protocol

2013-03-04 09:46:23
Rich Kulawiec wrote:
And all of these are great, except: they all use different ways to express
information.  Some of them can be queried; some can't.  Some of them carry
metadata like "how did we decide this?" or 'when did we decide this?" or
"for further reference, see:" and some don't.
Some of them support methods for asking narrower/broader questions,
some of them don't.

Is the reason different sources use different ways to express information the 
fact that there is no suitable protocol? Or is it a mere consequence of the 
fact that sources have different things they are willing and able to share?

I think the idea is nice. Whether such a format is really needed I'm not sure. 
I can see how having more information available makes for better decisions, but 
I am worried the accuracy gained isn't worth the performance lost.

Perhaps you can come up with examples of where such a protocol would be useful?



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