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Re: [Asrg] Development of an object assessment format/protocol

2013-03-04 19:29:12
In article <20130304132924(_dot_)GA27928(_at_)gsp(_dot_)org> you write:
I've been thinking about this for a long time, and would like to find
out what others have been doing in this area (if anything) and whether
this is a topic we can or should collectively pursue.

Have you followed what the REPUTE working group did?  Its goal was to
come up with a way to publish reputation information more general than
the handful of bits you can get from a DNSBL.  There were some
interesting ideas but it's run out of gas and is about to be wound up.


If people had stuff they wanted to do, I expect it could be spun up
again.  If they were sufficiently researchy and people had concrete
plans, I could probably persuade Lars to let the ASRG continue until
they were done.

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