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[clear] Seeking good domain registrar that supports CSV

2005-08-17 06:01:56
 David MacQuigg <dmquigg-clear(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com> writes:

Are there any domains with CSV records now available?  I'm writing a Python 
script to check authentications, and I would like to include CSV.

I recently posted the following comment to a circle-ID article:

    For what it is worth, earlier this week I did a survey of 135k domains
    used in the SMTP HELO command. I found over 3750 domains with SPF
    records at the HELO level, while I found only 24 CSV records. (The
    number of records is more than the number of domain owners because
    there are often several MTA hostnames per main domain name. For
    example, the 24 CSV records were published by just 5 domain
    owners. There were probably only 2500-3000 domain owners publishing
    SPF records, although some of those domains send a huge amount of
    I think HELO checking is useful. If you like HELO checking, I highly
    recommend publish SPF records at your HELO domain level. Systems such
    as spamassassin have been checking the HELO domain for SPF records for
    at least a year now. If you want to do HELO checking, I highly
    recommend checking for the SPF records. They are far more widely
    published than CSV or DMP records.

The HELO domains that I found with CSV records were:
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