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[clear] Seeking good domain registrar that supports CSV

2005-08-17 05:35:12
At 07:10 PM 8/16/2005 -0700, Matthew Elvey wrote:

I just configured bind for another client with a CSA record for their mail 

SWM seeks good domain registrar that supports CSV.  Must be drama and 
spam-free.  :)
Any matchmakers out there?
See .

The SPF folks have a list at  You 
might want to survey that list. has said they are 
"planning" to provide support for SRV records, but I don't know how soon.

I just had yet another nightmare experience with GoDaddy; see

I've had a similar experience with their lack of expertise.  The folks at 
dnsmadeeasy are more responsive to questions, although any organization 
offering low-cost services has got to deal with most such questions in an 
"automated" fashion.  At least with dnsmadeeasy, you can "cut-and-try" 
until you get it right.  Updates to the records are instantly available.

Are there any domains with CSV records now available?  I'm writing a Python 
script to check authentications, and I would like to include CSV.

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