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Re: [ietf-dkim] Collection of use cases for SSP requirements

2006-11-07 21:31:04
In <C176980D(_dot_)1E0BC%jpowers(_at_)paypal(_dot_)com> "Powers, Jot" 
<jpowers(_at_)paypal(_dot_)com> writes:

I think we agree 100%, if we can get the rejection to happen at the end of
data, and not after delivery.

Yes, rejection during the SMTP session is *MUCH* better.

                               After delivery, the results of "joe jobbing"
are simply too onerous.

You are reasonably safe in sending a bounce after the SMTP session
ends if you have gotten an SPF Pass or if you get both a DKIM Pass and
the 2822.From: matches 2821.MAILFROM.

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