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[ietf-dkim] Re: Collection of use cases for SSP requirements

2006-11-08 09:38:57
Powers, Jot wrote:

I would expect a "reject, then delete" policy would be in the best
interests of the receivers.

Yes, and also in your interest as admin of the domain phished.example

Scott's point "better reject" is about a legit sender with a simple
typo phished.example instead of phishes.example - however that sender
managed it, he's better off with a reject.  Otherwise his mails will
simply vanish into "drop" black holes, until he notes that something
in his 2822-From is very wrong.  Arguably a "false positive" from his

If your sender signing policy expresses the wish to reject all mails
without valid signature receivers are still free to interpret this
less (= accept + tag as very suspicious) or more radically (= drop),
but ideally (wrt reliability) they'd reject it directly at their MX.


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