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Re: [ietf-dkim] [Editorial Errata Reported] RFC6376 (5260)

2018-02-08 13:43:33
The question arose because someone had DKIM-Signature changed to 
by some (presumably DKIM-unaware) tool.  The user thought the culprit was my
signing filter, and reported a bug.  I told him to look somewhere else.  I
wanted to add that that change can be acceptable if canonicalization is
relaxed, but I was unable to point him to a line that explicitly stated or
implied case insensitivity.  I'd have to explain the intent maieutically,
which, in a standard, seems to leave something to be desired...

I think it would be wrong to try to correct this in the DKIM spec:
It's not that DKIM is requiring that the header field name be
case-insensitive, but, rather, that email header field names are

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