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Re: line terminator

1997-05-21 01:08:15
A while ago, Tim Showalter wrote:
You have your choice of two reasonable choices:

LF|CRLF|CR: This works with any OS that purports to save files in ASCII

CRLF: This is what a standard does normally.

Noooo... for a lot of users, they will initially be creating their
scripts as local text files, either on the machine that does the filtering
or on another machine then FTPing... Once it becomes routine to use ACAP
to store scripts, then things become a little better, but until that day
I'm afraid to say LF|CRLF|CR wins for me. Yes, it takes a little extra
code to cope with this, but on many systems coping with CRLF is little
easier that coping with all three anyway. ClarionSiever _will_ accept
at least LF-terminated scripts even if the standard doesn't actually say
so, 'cos that's what users are likely to be feeding it until I start using

[Personally, I find CRLF an abomination, but it seems to be a fact of
life so...]

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