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Re: line terminator

1997-05-29 13:46:51
--On Mon, May 26, 1997 10:11 AM -0600 "Steve Hole" <steve(_at_)esys(_dot_)ca> 

On Tue, 20 May 1997 23:15:00 -0400 (EDT)  Tim Showalter 
<tjs(_at_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu> wrote:

You have your choice of two reasonable choices:

LF|CRLF|CR: This works with any OS that purports to save files in ASCII

CRLF: This is what a standard does normally.

I would make the text canonical and always use CRLF.   Most 
mail applications already have canonical->local line translators in them 
to support saving RFC822 text to local files.   In the worst case, a Mac 
or UNIX editor will just show the extra line end character.   The other 
way around, you end up with lines all running together.  

I agree with Steve.

- mw


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