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Re: Comment on draft-showalter-sieve-02.txt

1997-10-29 09:25:14
Fred L. Drake wrote:

  Wow, I didn't expect to hear Python mentioned here, but that's great
with me!
  I would like to point out that really only the layout and try/except
lines are legal Python.  I'd expect a Python translation to look more

  if string.find(string.lower(header["subject"]), "the secret message") > -1:

You're right. I wasn't using pure Python syntax. But this mistake became
deliberate as I copied the example from the draft to modify it. I
realized how similar the syntax really was, part from your correction
above, so I left much of it as is, as a slight attempt to provoke. :)

  I like the idea of exceptions in a "normal" programming language,
but am not convinced that they are appropriate here.  Perhaps all
exception-like conditions should be handled by the implementation as
keep commands; this seems to be in the spirit of the proposal.

I tend to agree, sorry for the diversion.
My real mission was rather to question the overall existence of the
"require" declaration. Is it correct to call it a declaration, by the
way? It just felt like not doing any good in the spec and might, as Tim
was expressing concerns about in the open paragraph, cause trouble when
implementing a parser/evaluator/executor.

Someone willing to stand up and defend "require"?

BTW, Tim and others, I was pleased to discover this workgroup and what
it tries to achieve. Very much needed, IMHO. It is my intention to use
the final proposal as part of a IMAP-based filtering agent.

- Tomas

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