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Re: Comment on draft-showalter-sieve-02.txt

1997-10-31 12:56:31
So I should point out that this isn't a working group, just for the sake of
completeness; it's just a mailing list, despite the name.

Regarding exceptions, I'm against them.

* Syntax/link errors shouldn't be exceptions.

* Can't-write-to-mail-spool errors (i.e., user is over quota) should be
  handled by not filtering messages if the user is over quota, or otherwise
  having a temporary failure, waiting until the user isn't over quota, and
  then filing the message.

Those are the only exceptional cases I can think of that can come up.
Having exception handling in a language without loops, subroutines, or
variables seems like overkill.

Regarding Python-style indents, I'm one of the people who doesn't think it's
"clean" and am against it.

                                           Tim Showalter 

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