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Re: Example extension action

1997-11-18 13:57:43
On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Chris Newman wrote:

Here's an example extension action that raises an interesting question:

The action is called "denyMDN".  Based on: draft-ietf-receipt-mdn-06.txt

If the message has a "Disposition-Notification-To" header which matches
the envelope sender, then this will send an "automatic-ation",
"MDN-sent-automatically", "denied" MDN notification and remove the
"Disposition-Notification-To" header from the message.

The interesting question is: are Sieve scripts allowed to edit the headers
of a message?

Sure, why not?

The only problem I can see is that in IMAP messages are essentially
immutable so that once the delivery agent had written to the message store,
it's never gonna change.

                                           Tim Showalter 

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