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RE: bounce, mta, & mua (was Re: sieve draft)

1997-11-20 15:46:45
Actually, RFC 822 (at least) never says "Return-Path" is required, but 
the revised document being developed by DRUMS reads:
When the delivery SMTP server makes the "final delivery" of a message, 
it inserts a return-path line at the beginning of the mail data.  This 
use of return-path is required; mail systems MUST support it.  The 
return-path line preserves the information in the <reverse-path> from 
the MAIL command.  Here, final delivery means the message has left the 
SMTP world.  Normally, this would mean it had been delivered to the 
destination user or an associated mail drop, but in some cases it may 
be further processed and transmitted by another mail system.
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Subject:  Re: bounce, mta, & mua (was Re: sieve draft)

Chris Newman wrote:
This is incorrect.  UAs will have access to the "MAIL FROM" address 
an upstream system violated Internet standards.  The final delivery 
is REQUIRED to copy the "MAIL FROM" address into the "Return-Path"
header.  Anything which doesn't is broken.

Chris, can you give us the exact location in an RFC that backs up your 
assertion? I'm not sure it is required and I'm not sure you can ever 
rely on it's existence once the message have moved into the domain of 
the MUA.
If you're right, my FreeBSD "out-of-the-box" installation is certainly 
broken. The "P" flag required to generate the Return-Path header is 
_not_ set for the local mailer by default. I don't know why, but the 
very existence of this discrepency (the fact that it's optional) is 
enough for me to maintain that this header might not always be 
available. Period.

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