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RE: Proposed Sieve extensions

1998-11-12 16:24:48
| I think we need to concentrate on getting a base spec that is as easy
| as possible to implement, and supports enough functionality to be
| useful. ..

| The Sieve effort has been going on for a couple of years now, and I
| think we need to get a minimal base spec out the door.  Personally, I'd
| be happy with the -03 one, but I think we can come to agreement on the
| -04 one.

This sounds like a reasonable plan.

| If I've misunderstood you, and you want these to be considered as
| extensions, in their own document, that's a different matter.

This sounds like a better approach than stopping forward progress on a
nearly drafted spec.  Is there an existing template for suggesting

Given that, I would still like to suggest that the tests "and" and "or" be
defined in the draft spec. as synonyms, if not the primary names, for
"allof" and "anyof", respectively.  The former are almost universally
intuitively understood everywhere, whereas the latter are, let's say, unique
to this draft.

Thanks for the feedback.

Alan K. Stebbens <alan(_dot_)stebbens(_at_)software(_dot_)com>

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