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Re: Multiple actions in Sieve script.

1999-01-19 13:13:54
At 06:03 PM 1/18/99 -0500, Tony Hansen wrote:
Gregory Sereda wrote:

Filter list members,

Draft 5 states:

0.2.2. Known Bugs

   The discussion of the limits of actions is not there.  Only one
   forward should be allowed per message.  Keep and reject are mutually
I think we need to define the limits of actions.  For example should
only one "fileinto" action be allowed?  If we allow multiple "fileinto",
which one is effective?  Logically, it would be the last.  From a user
perspective, the first one woould make more sense because higher priority
"rules" appear first.

Another logical expectation is that all are effective. That is, a copy
goes into each of the folders specified.

Good point.  The spec is not very clear on this...

4.2. Action fileinto

   Syntax:   fileinto <folder>

   The "fileinto" action drops the message into a named folder.
I interpret "drops the message" as a move message rather than
a copy message.  Spec should be clear if this is a move or copy.
If it is a copy, does it also leave a copy in the IN folder, ie "keep".

Greg Sereda