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Re: Is envelope missing :comparator arguement?

1999-02-22 15:17:14
At 05:02 PM 2/22/99 -0500, Tim Showalter wrote:
I don't see a good reason that COMPARATOR can't apply to the whole
address, it's just useless on the right-side.  Right?

If we canonicalize the domain-part to (say) lower case, then we have
effectively defined the domain-part comparator as "i:ascii-casemap".
That is why I say the COMPARATOR applies only to the localpart.
I thought I was saying the same thing you were saying.

Actually, I like stating that domain part of address will always 
use the comparator "i;ascii-casemap".  Because if you only
canonoicalize the message (and not the script), the following
will always be false:

        if address :is :all "from" "SMITH(_at_)AOL(_dot_)COM" {

If you canonicalize both the message and script domain parts to
lowercase, you are doing an "i;ascii-casemap" compare regardless
of what COMPARATOR you have specified.  Right?

Greg Sereda 

Tim Showalter <tjs+(_at_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu>