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Re: Discard vs. DSN

1999-03-17 15:22:49
If 'discard' MUST NOT cause failure DSN generation, this could be difficult
in certain plug-in environments (such as one of the platforms where my
Sieve implementation runs).

We can either (1) make 'discard' optional, (2) say that 'discard' SHOULD
NOT cause failure DSN generation, or (3) say this is just Too Bad.

I am in favor of (3).  Generating DSNs in some cases, most specifically
spam, is not a good idea.

I also favor (3) over the alternatives.

I guess this comes down to a model of what Sieve does.  Randy sees it as
modifying disposition of a message; I see it as a good deal more

(1) is a very unexpected choice, but if I can't get (3), I think I like
it as much as (2).  At least the behavior is consistant.

Again I agree; I don't like either (1) or (2) much, but if I had to have one
of them I don't particularly care which one I'd get.


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