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Re: Discard vs. DSN

1999-03-24 08:08:33
On 23 Mar 1999 15:27:02 -0500 Tim Showalter 
<tjs+(_at_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu> wrote:

Let me ask this: if discard sends a DSN, how is it meaningfully
different from reject?  Reject seems to present a strict superset of
discard functionality as you've described it (you get to tell the sender
where to go in addition to refusing the message).

I'd like discard so, say, I can ignore certain people.  I don't want to
reject their mail, I just want to ignore it.

This is very well said and I agree with it completely.   The functionality
difference seems both clear and useful to me.     Discard shouldn't be 
optional and it should silently throw away the message.


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