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Re: Comments about draft-martin-managesieve-00.txt

2000-02-08 06:52:18
I have to say that this whole thing seems a little excessive, considering
the statement that this is an interim solution anyway:

    This an interim measure as it is hoped that eventually Sieve scripts
    will be stored on ACAP. This document is intended to proceed on the
    experimental track.

What we do is to specify a folder that's used to hold Sieve scripts (we 
use the name _Mail_Filters_; a standard name might be chosen), and the
contents (that is, what one would get from an IMAP "fetch body[]") of the
most recent message in that folder with the \Flagged flag set is used.
If there's an error in the script, the Sieve processor sends e-mail to 
the user and turns the \Flagged flag off and the \Draft flag on.

So the user can use any IMAP client to create the active script, by just
saving (APPENDing) the message to the _Mail_Filters_ folder, and then 
turning on the \Flagged flag.

This is not the ideal answer, but it *is* simple, and it *is* an interim
measure.  Think about it.

Barry Leiba, Internet Messaging Technology