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Re: Comments about draft-martin-managesieve-00.txt

2000-02-08 16:24:25
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 08:55:04 -0500
From: Barry Leiba <leiba(_at_)watson(_dot_)ibm(_dot_)com>
Organization: Internet Messaging Technology; TR2_Xagent=WATSON

I have to say that this whole thing seems a little excessive, considering
the statement that this is an interim solution anyway:

    This an interim measure as it is hoped that eventually Sieve scripts
    will be stored on ACAP. This document is intended to proceed on the
    experimental track.

What we do is to specify a folder that's used to hold Sieve scripts (we 
use the name _Mail_Filters_; a standard name might be chosen), and the

I disagree with this solution for the same reason we don't store
addressbooks or preferences in IMAP folders. First of all it adds
complexity to server implementations. Also, mail clients that are not
aware of this addition would not be able to ignore it. A user might
see this _Mail_Filter_ folder, notice that the messages in it look
like garbage and delete them.

A better option might be to allow sieve script submission via
SMTP. The problems with this option is that the smtp server one
submits to often isn't the final delivery agent so it might not have
any knowledge of sieve (and therefor can't give the sieve
capabilities). Also managing multiple scripts this way seems

My main concern would be that we'd be adding extensions to IMAP that
have little to do with mail access. I know writing yet another parser
is a pain but in IMO it is a lesser evil than adding yet another
addition to IMAP.