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Re: Comments about draft-martin-managesieve-00.txt

2000-02-14 17:54:14
At 08:55 AM 2/8/00 -0500, Barry Leiba wrote:
I have to say that this whole thing seems a little excessive, considering
the statement that this is an interim solution anyway:

I agree. I don't think it's a good idea to go the yet-another-protocol route unless it moves us closer to where we want to be.

My proposal all along has been to use ACAP or a subset. We have prototype implementations of an ACAP profile for Sieve (along with a Sieve engine) running on NT and Unix, and a prototype Windows GUI that manages scripts.

By using an ACAP profile, both client and server support becomes pretty easy, and the client can talk to a full ACAP server just as well as a mini, Sieve-only one. So we get rapid deployment and move closer to a real solution (full ACAP servers).