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Re: draft-murchison-sieve-subaddress-01

2000-09-12 12:46:52

Randall Gellens wrote:

I think the draft should say why it is needed, that is, why not just use

     if address :contains :localpart ["to", "cc", "bcc"] "+foo"

The problem is that this will match both 'user+foo' and 'user+foobar'
which we may not want.

The :user and :detail options provide the same functionality as the
:localpart and :domain options -- they all allow for exact matches on
the various pieces of the address.

Without having variables, the :detail option doesn't have much, if any
use IMHO.  But the :user option is valuable when people use detailed
'from' addresses.  For example, if I want to do something with all
messages from you, I'd use:

if allof (address :user "from" "randy", address :domain "")

This will catch mail from you whether you use "randy", "randy+sieve",
"randy+imap", etc.  This being said, the best way to do this (and any
other complex address match) is via the regex extension, eg:

if address :regex "from" "randy(\\+.*)?(_at_)qualcomm(_dot_)com"

Also, should the draft deal with the fact that not all systems use "+" as
the character which introduces subaddresses?

Yes, it should probably mention this fact.

The only reason that I wrote (and implemented) this extension was that
is was suggested in [SIEVE] that such a thing might be desirable.  I use
:user in my own scripts, but with the regex extension, I can get by
without ANY of the address part options (even though they are cheaper

Due to the apparent lack of interest on the list, I was planning on just
letting the draft expire.  If there happens to be an unexpected
groundswell of support, then I'll go ahead and tweak the draft.

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