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Re: sieve lunch meeting notes

2003-03-21 18:06:11

[12:02]<leg> Jutta: want to set From address for vacations
I've seen that it's a popular request of users to be able to set the From (in both Header and Envelope, to answer the later question) for reject:, so here's a thumbs up for that.

Re Timestamps: There are many in a given email and I can see a potential use for all of 'em.
From most to least important:
1)The one in the top (most trusted) Received: header, and the (often incorrect/forged) one in the Date: Header. (Some MUAs sort by the latter; the former should be used IMO)
2)The one in the bottom Received header and
3)The others (which can show time delays)
A timezone-aware DateDiff type function would be MOST useful; with it, I'm thinking that explicit TZ and other conversion, extraction, and comparator functions would not be needed!

Re. Simon's comment: are variables inherently dangerous/CPU hogs/contrary to the original SIEVE CPU-safe goals? Why? I don't see it. Obviously "while" and less obviously regexps are not safe. Perhaps someone could make these clearer. (Sorry if I'm jumping in way late on this one.)

Oh and one more vote for ManageSieve. LDAP and ACAP are cooler (as ManageSieve admits, IIRC) but the explanations of why ManageSieve is necessary win me over.

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