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Re: sieve lunch meeting notes

2003-03-22 12:41:11

Matthew Elvey wrote:

From notes:

[12:02]<leg> Jutta: want to set From address for vacations

I've seen that it's a popular request of users to be able to set the From (in both Header and Envelope, to answer the later question) for reject:, so here's a thumbs up for that.

Any demand or support for reject: logging of some sort? Perhaps an option to log the emails without the body to a folder would be simplest.

A timezone-aware DateDiff type function would be MOST useful; with it, I'm thinking that explicit TZ and other conversion, extraction, and comparator functions would not be needed!

:datediff would be an addition to relational extension. Any support for that?

Re. Simon's comment:...

variables aren't inherently dangerous per the variables draft.

The variables draft has an editing error in 3.2:

          if header :regex "From" "^

is missing the regexp and close quote.

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