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Re: sieve lunch meeting notes

2003-03-22 13:41:33

[Matthew Elvey (FM)]:

  Any demand or support for reject: logging of some sort?  Perhaps
  an option to log the emails without the body to a folder would be

extend fileinto ?

this could also be a job for NOTIFY.

btw, the syntax for variables available in NOTIFY should be reconciled
with the variables draft.  this could go either way, of course.  my
preferred tack would be to add an action to the notify draft which
creates the variables "from", "env_from", "subject", and "text".  the
variables draft could also use a substring modifier.  this isn't
strictly necessary, since with regex you can express it like this:

    require [ "regex", "variables", "notify" ];
    if string :regex "${text}" "(.{,100})" {
        notify :low "${from}: ${1}";

this is a bit awkward for the user and doesn't lend itself to
efficient implementation, though.  unfortunately, the
variable-modifier is limited to function name, with no way of
specifying an argument.  that may be too inflexible for future
expansion, but on the other hand, string interpolation shouldn't
become too complex either.

changing variable-modifier syntax:

adding slice explicitly to the syntax:
or even

  The variables draft has an editing error in 3.2:
             if header :regex "From" "^
  is missing the regexp and close quote.

thanks, I should read my roff output more carefully.  it was supposed
to say
           if header :regex "From" "^\"?([^ \"]*).*<" {

(it's not a good example, really, the regex is cryptic and becomes the
focus of attention.)

Kjetil T.                       |  read and make up your own mind

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