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Re: Mailing list last call for draft-daboo-sieve-spamtest-03.txt

2003-04-11 18:25:47

I do have a few of draft nits that need to be addressed with a revised


Just noticed another problem with the draft as it stands. It contains an

        if spamtest :value "ge" :comparator "i;ascii-numeric" "3"
            fileinto "INBOX.spam-trap";
        elsif spamtest :is "NIL"
            fileinto "INBOX.unclassified";
This turns out not to work. The problem is that the "i;ascii-numeric"
comparator is defined to rank all strings that don't begin with a digit
after any string that does. So if the spamtest value is NIL the first
if succeeds and the second one is never reached.

This is easily corrected by reversing the clauses, of course. The fact that
NILL will rank higher probably should be noted somewhere as well.


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