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Mailing list last call for draft-daboo-sieve-spamtest-03.txt

2003-04-11 08:18:46

A revised version of the spamtest document was just published (thanks Cyrus)
and it appears to address the issues raised at the sieve
lunch in SF. Accordingly, I'd like to begin a two week "mailing list last
call" for this document.

I do have a few of draft nits that need to be addressed with a revised

(1) The document lacks the required IPR boilerplate. The IESG has recently
    started pushing back on this.

(2) The change history section needs to be marked "to be removed prior 
    to publication as an RFC".

(3) The abstract should refer to the "sieve mail filtering language" rather
    than just "sieve", in order to better put the document in context.

(4) The conventions section should be moved so it appears after the
    introduction and overview.

(5) The abstract should not be numbered.

That's it for now.


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