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Re: List variables in Sieve (Re: variables draft (draft-homme-sieve-variables-00.txt))

2003-04-16 16:46:41

[Jutta Degener]:

  On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 12:44:57AM +0200, Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:
  > semantics seems the easier bolt-on, but syntax is the smoothest
  > change IMO.  in particular, the backslash handling feels more
  > natural.  consider "\${foo}".  if we change syntax, the
  > backslash will quote the dollar so that it isn't a variable
  > reference.  if we change semantics of strings, the backslash has
  > no effect.
  The gut reaction of a shell programmer will probably differ, but
  I'd rather not change the syntax.  To me, string scanning and
  variable extension are different stages and must not affect each

duly noted.

  If you do change the syntax, where do you stop?  Why should \ be
  special for variable syntax, but not for :regex and :matches
  pattern syntax?  I don't want to have to answer that.

interesting point!  I'm not sure I want to explain that, either :-)

Kjetil T.

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