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Re: Variables : list : scope : system : const

2003-05-10 14:50:30

[Ned Freed]:

what's your preferred alternative in the imapflags case?

A string containing a list of flags separated by spaces. This is
hardly rocket science.

a string with a predefined name, then?  (to cater for MARK/UNMARK.)

you didn't reply to this.

That's because I don't especially care how this works.

but it's essential for making a decision.

according to Marc, the variables extension was wanted to make
imapflags blend in better.  isn't it a mistake to press on before we
have decided how imapflags should operate?

actually, as long as MARK/UNMARK are kept, the variable name must be
implicit and fixed.  and so we're back at the system/read-only
variable discussion ;-)

  OK, but this doesn't change the fact that you've said that

  set "var" "meep";

  creates a list variable containing one element. I don't think you
  want this...

not exactly.

every variable can be used as a list variable.  every list variable
can be used as a string variable.  I just think that's easier to
grasp.  I _definitely_ don't want separate namespaces, like in Perl
where @var and $var are different.

correct.  that will always be the case since a list variable by
nature will have a non-constant number of elements.  but if you
prefer, a string containing anything in addition to the list
variable reference could be disallowed with no loss of

  Making it even more complex and nonobvious.

yeah.  Marc's cross product idea may be better after all.  but the
truth is, I seriously doubt anyone would use anything but singleton
list variable references.  with my suggestion, explicit list members
are clearer than putting it in the same string.  with Marc's
suggestion, a very powerful construct is gained, but I don't see what
it can be used for in Sieve.  (well, his factorial function might ;-)

  This group needs to decide whether or not the value of list
  variables is worth the possibility of not getting a variables
  specification approved, period.

I'd like to focus on giving imapflags what it needs.  it's not at all
clear list variables are needed.

Kjetil T.