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Re: SIEVE Lunch Agenda Suggestions

2003-11-12 11:15:00

Cyrus Daboo wrote:

We still plan on holding a SIEVE lunch at the IETF meeting tomorrow (Wednesday). Those attending should meet at the back of the Rochester room at the end of the IMAPext meeting. We will try and use the cafe in the hotel lobby so we can have people attend via Jabber.

Here is a suggestion for an agenda:

- Discussion of current drafts:


Since you guys are having trouble with jabber, here are some outstanding issues with regex:

- il8n?

- do we allow backreferences? e.g.  '(.*)\1'

- do we allow the use of variables? e.g. for the regex '(.*)xxx(.*)', $1 would contain the contents of the first () and $2 would contain the contents of the second ()

- do we allow use of macros such as \w (word match)?

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