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Re: draft-degener-sieve-editheader-01.txt; "refuse" action

2004-01-20 13:31:31

Hi Cyrus,

--On Tuesday, January 20, 2004 15:10 -0500 Cyrus Daboo <daboo(_at_)cyrusoft(_dot_)com> wrote:

| but I think its reasonable that append is the default.

I meant to say that I think it is reasonable that append (:last) is available as an option - I don't want to argue that it should be the default.

I personally would likely always use :last as I frequently have to examine the chain of Received headers for debugging purposes and having other headers interspersed would be annoying. Right now the CMU sieve implementation does add an X-CMU-Sieve header and that does appear before the final delivery Received header as their SIEVE implementation sits between SMTP and LMPT.

Cyrus Daboo