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Re: Please review ; Sieve Statistics and Sieve remove attachments

2004-02-02 11:35:54

Hi Lyndon,

        Thank you for your review comments.

        Please find my comments in line :

Some comments based on a quick scan of the document ...

Section 4:

* "action" needs to be more clearly defined

        Sure. Shall refine it.

Section 5:

* Why two capabilities? Both commands are required, so there's no point in advertising two capability strings. The capability should be changed to something like "STATISTICS".

        Thats great. Yes, Both are required capability strings. I will
        update the Capability string to STATISTICS.

Section 6:

* What does a "zero valued action counter" mean? Surely '0' is a valid counter value, meaning the action has never been triggered. I think what you're implying here is that a '0' value means the counter for the action isn't implemented. If that's the case, just don't return a response for that action.

My initial assumption was if the discarded mail count is 0, the implementation may return discard 0 or dont return discard action itself.

But as you said, the client is no way differentiating whether the action is supported or not.

* Presumably GETSTAT is only valid in authenticated state? (Section 7 explicitly calls this out, so section 6 should as well.)

I think it is already there. "This command MUST be given after the client is authenticated". Pls clarify if i'm wrong.

Section 8:

* The grammar (and semantic description) for the command responses is missing.

        Thanks for pointing out. I shall include it some thing like

        command-getstat-resp  =  getstat-resp-list

        getstat-resp-list = [ supported-action integer-value ] * 

        supported-action  = "discard" / "divert" / "reject"

        command-resetstat=res = "OK" | "NO"

Section 9:

* Since there's no way (that I can see) to access another users counter data (through the protocol), this text doesn't seem relevant.

        Yes, I agree. But to be expilicit.


* How useful is the returned data? The fact that an action took place doesn't really tell me anything. I would be much more interested in seeing how often each rule fired, as that would allow me to optimize my rulesets.

        That is a interesting thought. I shall think of it and document it.

        Please let me know your comments.


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