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Re: Please review ; Sieve Statistics and Sieve remove attachments

2004-02-04 07:08:34

"SIEVE: Remove attachment(s)", Madan Velayudham, 23-Dec-03. (8185 bytes) "

This draft introduces an action command 'fileinto-except' to [SIEVE] in
order to move a message to a folder without certain attachments of the
received message.

I think it might be more useful to have an action that removes an
attachment, and a test that tests for the prescence of a mime body part.  So
you'd say:

if (message contains .exe attachment) {
    remove .exe attachment
    fileinto folder;

We generically want a test that allows users to examine the prescense or
absence of attachments of various kinds, so I think it would make sense to
build upon that work.  As it is, the extension you propose means that you
can only neatly remove one style of attachment.  What if you want to remove
all .exe/.bat/.pif/.vbs attachments?  You'd end up with long and nasty regex
expressions that try to match filenames that contain any of the proposed
extensions.  Much better I think would be to have four remove attachment
commands, one for each kind of extension.

Having a remove-attachment extension will end up along the lines of the
editheader extensions in the sense that they will modify the message.  So it
raises some of the issues that have already been discussed there, so I guess
we'd have to say that tests examine the current state of the message.  So if
we say:

remove .exe attachments
if (message contains .exe attachment) {
  We'd never get here.



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