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Re: Please review ; Sieve Statistics and Sieve remove attachments

2004-02-05 01:46:28

Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:
--On 2004-2-3 12:05 AM +0530 Madan Ganesh Velayudham <mganesh(_at_)india(_dot_)hp(_dot_)com> wrote:

Section 9:

* Since there's no way (that I can see) to access another users
counter  data (through the protocol), this text doesn't seem

    Yes, I agree. But to be expilicit.

It is "explicit" by reason of the specification simply not specifying the facility. Having the security section talk about something that does not exist in the protocol is just going to confuse people. The text in question needs to be removed.

Yes, Lyndon. Thats a valid one. It is better not to confuse the people.
The updated draft will not have this text.

Thank You,

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