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imapflags -- backwards compatibility

2004-02-24 09:44:49

Alexey, Ken, and I were discussing the new imapflags extension changes,
and it should be possible to do this in a mostly backwards-compatible
manner (excluding the :flags parameter to keep and fileinto).  This would
allow us to keep the old capability name.

If the variable arguments to addflag and setflags optional, you can
continue to have the old behavior (with the "global" flags variable).

This avoids the need to add a full dependency on variables as well -- you
would be unable to use the optional parameter unless "variables" is also
required.  Additionally, "hasflag" might also either require variables
*or* you could make the variable list to hasflag optional as well (This
is probably the most problematic aspect of doing this).

Finally, if the :flags parameter is omitted to fileinto/keep, then the
flags that are in the "global variable" would be applied to the message as
it was stored.

As an aside, it might make sense to move the "optional" arguments to the
end of the parameter lists of these actions, but that is of lesser


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