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New Sieve extension "refuse" proposal - draft-elvey-refuse-sieve-01h

2004-02-12 13:03:08

Hello, folks. Please review and provide feedback on the "refuse" extension, designed to mostly replace Sieve's "reject" command.

It's been accepted as an I-D (-00), but we've made some further changes to what's published, so please review and comment on what's at

We welcome feedback, particularly
 -   changes that include replacement text or
 -   suggestions from Sieve implementers.

With "refuse", Sieve gains the ability to simply not accept an
  email during the SMTP transaction (instead of accepting it and then
  sending an MDN [MDN] back to the alleged sender using "reject").
  A Joe-job is a spam run forged to appear as though it came from an
  innocent party, who is then generally flooded by the bounces, MDNs
  and messages with complaints.  With "reject", MDNs contribute to
  the flood of Joe-job spam to victims of Joe-jobs; SMTP level
  refusals usually don't.  So "refuse" provides users the latter
  method to handle unwanted email.

The further changes were limited to Section 13 'Open Issues for Discussion' and a typo.

-Matthew & Alexey