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Re: Are option extensions exclusive?

2004-08-12 07:55:17

I just want to make a general observation that this is nothing unique to Sieve. For example, there is the same issue for IMAP protocol extensions. So each extension should try to describe all extensions it is incompatible with, or when there are some special interactions.

Michael Haardt wrote:

Extensions can be mutually exclusive, but normally won't be.

I was talking specifically about options.  Say extension "a" adds
":a" for a command and extension "b" adds ":b" for the same command.

Obviously, the script can use both

 command ":a"


 command ":b"

But can I use

 command ":a" ":b"


Each extension defines how the option modifies the semantics of
and only the /base/ command and its /base/ options.  In case the
extension options interact semantically, there is a problem.

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