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Re: Draft of sieve WG charter

2004-09-21 18:39:27

nice work, Ned!  the schedule looks aggressive, but realistic.

I don't know if this is relevant at all, but there's a few small typos:

The sieve mail filtering language specified in RFC 3028 has now been
implemented ina wide variety user agents (UAs), mail delivery agents (MDAs),

"ina", missing "of".

    There must also be demonstable willingness in the sieve development 

"demonstable" is a quite interesting word :-)

    to actually implement a given extnesion before it can be added to this 


Some aspects of sieve have complex internationalization issues; the working 

should be "working group".

okay, with that out of the way:

Goals and milestones:

(Sep 03) Submit revised variables draft.

this was submitted on Sep 15, the revision number in your list is up-to-

(Nov 04) Initial submission of RFC 3028bis.

there has been a number of mentions of this and that needs to be fixed
or reworded in 3028bis in the archives.  do we have a volunteer to
dredge through them?

Kjetil T.

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